Looking Ahead Reports

‘Looking Ahead: The future for group training – an economic and industry analysis’ was a landmark report prepared by the National Institute of Economic and Industry Research.

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Download the full looking ahead report, including executive summary.

Download a copy of the Looking Ahead Report User Guide which has been developed
to assist in understanding and interpreting the information contained in the report.

Group Training – a foundation of Australia’s skills architecture

This paper – Group Training – a foundation of Australia’s skills architecture, provides a clear and concise overview of the work and the contribution of the group training sector.

It outlines why it is important for governments, at all levels, to continue to invest in and support group training.

See Group Training – a foundation of Australia’s skills architecture

Work Exposure and Work Placement Programs in Schools involving Group Training Organisations

This report identifies good practice in the provision of work placements for school students. It is based on the work of group training organisations with school students in Years 9-10 and 11-12. It demonstrates the value of VET in Schools (VETiS) programs in giving students a real life experience of the workplace. The report is in three parts: